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Challenges in Internet Marketing Research


To get a quality output, Internet Marketing Research has to overcome some challenges that are very much unusual and different from the orthodox research.


Now it has become a child’s play for anybody to publish information on the World Wide Web for profitable or non-profitable purposes. A major challenge in the Internet Marketing Research is credibility of the source.
As already stated, Internet contains vast amounts of data which is relevant as well as irrelevant to the user’s requirement. The problem is not the volume of information but finding that tiny bit that is necessary in this enormous ocean is a big challenge.
As there is a large amount of data available, processing this data into reliable information is a major task.
Required information will not appear on the top of the results as unrelated/low quality Web sites use SEO to place them on top.
There is an extremely wide variety of material on the Internet, ranging in its accuracy, reliability, and value. Unlike most traditional information media (books, magazines, organizational documents), no one has to approve the content before it is made public. It's the job of a searcher to evaluate the data located, in order to determine whether it suits the existing needs.

Limitations of Internet Marketing Research


As we have seen there are a lot of advantages of Internet Marketing Research like, cost effective and time saving, there are some limitations, which are as follows:


It can take days and sometimes weeks to gather the desired data based on the availability of the data.
Many a times, the data collected may not be credible. It may just be a part of someone’s blog or published by someone who is not an expert on the industry trends. It can be very dangerous if the gathered data qualifies to be one of these.
The information collected will only be directionally accurate and may not give specific recommendations.
The research feasibility depends upon the availability of data on the Internet.
The definition of the research scope need to be compromised as various secondary sources may have different research definitions and may not sync with each other well.
Secondary data was originally collected as primary data as a part of primary research, using different methodologies, samples for various purposes. Therefore, there is a question of consistency in the data on which the quality of the research report generated by Internet marketing research.

Why Outsource?


There are many reasons why you may choose to outsource. Some of the most common factors are as follows:


You need to be sure that the research is conducted properly by professionals.
You have a timetable, and need to be assured that the work will be done to schedule.
Some internal resources are available, but those may not be dedicated in getting this work done to your satisfaction.
You need to have accurate, reliable information to support major decisions.
You need an objective perspective to get unbiased answers.
You need strategic insights that bring to bear experiences within your industry at large.
Findings will be reported to external stakeholders, so you need a recognized authority.
Research will not have desirable credibility internally if done in-house, as it may succumb to internal pressures.

It is therefore sensible to leave the job to a good Internet Marketing Company that is not only reliable but also very affordable.

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